Selling Real Estate in Probate

Selling a house that is in probate is far different from traditionally selling a property or house. If the deceased person left property and you plan to sell it under probate, prepare yourself for a long, tough road and expect the unexpected things and be prepared for them.


Probate is known as a legal procedure that is supervised by the court wherein the beneficiary or beneficiaries accumulate the physical and financial assets that are promised to be received by them through the decedent’s will and pay off the entire debts of the deceased person’s estate. One main point of probate is to ensure that that there would be no fraud after a person dies, so expect that the court will surely focus and inspect everything about the decedent’s largest asset – the house.




Different cities and different states all have their laws when it comes to probate. However, it does not matter which city you reside; probate typically and strictly involves deadlines, an order of operation, timelines, and tons of paperwork that you need to follow.


What to Avoid When Selling a House In Probate



Do Not Hire Inexperienced Professionals Who Will Represent You in the Probate Process.


Receiving help from your friend is normal in your life. In probate, no one can help you except an attorney who has enough experience with the probate process and has adequate knowledge about it. Additionally, you will also need an experienced real estate agent when selling a house in probate. He or she will also help you with every single detail during the process of probate. So, make sure to get the best attorney and real estate agent.


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Do Not Leave the House Vacant for a Long Time

There is a huge possibility that the house will be vacant for a long time if the stakeholders didn’t agree with one decision – and it will surely create several issues. When referring to several issues, it will cost you money to repair and fix the property.  


How to Sell a House in Probate

In a process of probate, it transfers the ownership legally from the deceased person to his or her beneficiaries. Here are the simple ways to sell a house in probate:

  • First, check the deceased person’s will. If it states that you are the executor, you do not have any rights to sell the property in the probate process.
  • Second, if the deceased person’s will does not allow you to do it on your own, make a petition and ask the court for an approval to sell the propertyor real estate.
  • Third, check and carefully read the court’s order and see if there are any requirements you have to complete and meet.
  • Fourth, you may now sell the property and follow the rules of your state.


When selling a property in probate, make sure to know and carefully follow all the processes.

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